Monday, July 27, 2009

Another busy weekend!

We had another wedding this weekend (it was one of Ben's best friends growing up) but this time it was in Huntsville. We left early Saturday morning to meet our friends Shannon and Blake to do some shopping. We went to the new outdoor mall up there called Bridge Street Town Centre, it was really nice. We ate lunch at Ketchup and it was good. Maybe not quite as great as I thought it would be! After lunch we did some more shopping although none of us ended up with anything really but we definitely enjoyed the day. That night was the wedding and it was pretty. The reception was fun as well. It was at a place similar to the McWane Center here in Birmingham. I think everyone enojoyed it. Here are a few pictures, I took my camera but didn't carry it around with me! I think Shannon got a picture of her and Chip, the groom. I didn't take my camera in so I didn't get any pictures once we were there.

Here is me and Ben before the reception.

This is Ben, me, Shannon and Blake before the reception.

Me and Shannon

Here are pregnant bellies! She was smart and wore black, I normally do and don't know why I didn't because I felt huge and to me looked huge!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We are done with weddings for a little while so that's a nice break. But now the baby shower season is upon us!


P.S. I might have more pictures to post after Shannon does her post since she did have her camera with her at all times. Also I received my first blog award so I'll be posting about it shortly as well. I was excited!!!

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Lyryn said...

Oh Fun! I love weddings!!! You are more than welcome for the award and you deserve it! I’m sure you will come up with 10! I thought it would be hard too… but then I had more then 10!! I can’t wait to see what you write!!! xoxo