Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 Year Checkup...

So yesterday we finally had Emma's 2 year checkup at the doctor. He informed us she was as healthy as can be which we didn't have any doubt about. She however didn't like him at all. He went to check her breathing on her back and her chest and she screamed the whole time. He's so good with kids though he started turning the light off and on in the room to calm her down which it did work a few times so he could hear her breath. After the first few times she wasn't impressed anymore and said turn the light on. We said turn the light on what and she said (while sobbing) turn the light on please. We had to laugh. Then he tried it again a few more times and she said leave it on. We laughed again. When he was finished checking her and telling us she obviously had a GREAT set of lungs, he said there was no need to ask if she was developing and talking normal. He said he was very impressed with her turn the light on please and leave it on and we should be very proud, which we are! This however doesn't even scratch the surface of her ability to talk and communicate. Literally everyday she's saying new things I had no idea she even knew and using them in the right context. I'm always impressed with her and always proud, what mommy isn't! As for her stats, she's 28 lbs (how I'm not sure because she eats very little but this puts her at 75% for weight) and 36 1/2 inches tall (97% for height). She's still so tall which we already knew. We're not sure where she gets it from considering her great grandmother on Ben's side is the tallest female we know of (he informed us it had to do with the females in our family not the males, not sure if would be different if she were a boy). Our doctor just thinks she'll grow all at once and then at 12 plateau. Most of you know though she's consistently been 95%-97% for height though her entire life. I think we've determined she will definitely be taller then me and that's all I wanted! :)

As for pregnancy related news, Ben felt Brooks move last night for the first time. It's always fun that first time you feel your baby move inside or your spouse does. I've actually been feeling him for a while now and in the last few weeks I feel him more frequently during the day. So the saying is true with your 2nd you feel them much sooner. I was around 20 weeks with Emma before I felt her move and 24 weeks before Ben felt her, yesterday I was 20 weeks 6 days and he felt him. Truly amazing!

And what's a post without a picture of our sweet precious girl! Here she is doing her belly shot, even sticking it out for extra effects! Gotta love it! :) I have a belly book where I take a weekly photo of my growing belly, she's very observant and decided to show us hers!


rCl said...

I need to take Coen for his two year!
Im horrible :(

coen has always been under height and weight.. 75 % usually for both! she will be tall!!!

that's awesome about Brooks moving!!

I have already felt fluttering in there, but no kicks yet! we still have a few more weeks!

post some pics of your belly !i love preggo bellys!!! I think it's the neatest thing!

The Abstons said...

Okay Luke needs to eat more.. He will be 4 in November and weighed last week 34.8 pounds!!! Emma will be in a booster seat while Luke is still riding in the ol' car seat!

Lyryn said...

2 years!!!! Holy cow… mine is almost there!!! That picture of her is so cute sticking out her belly!! My little one points to EVERYONES belly and says “baby,” even mine! I’m NOT pregnant! OH man!

Trina said...

So exciting! I love how she's showing her belly too :)

I was trying to figure out who Zoe is (from your header). Is that a pet?