Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Pictures

We had a fun weekend. Friday night I went to dinner with my best friends for some mommy time and had a great time. Saturday we swam off and on all day and Amy and Braegan came to join us for a little bit. Sunday we went to church and then Roxana came over to swim. (Sadly I didn't get any pictures from Braegan or Roxana being there this weekend). Here are just a few pictures from our weekend.

Friday afternoon my mom took the kids to an open house for their realtor. I went and met them after work. Here is Emma and Brooks trying to catch a fish. No such luck but they had a lot of fun.

They also had inflatables to jump and slide on but I didn't get a picture. They had too much fun. Emma decided she didn't want her face painted but painting her hand was ok. She picked a unicorn of course! She sure does love unicorns.

They've been asking us for a week if we could break out the tent to let them have a "camp out". So this weekend Ben got it down. They slept in it inside Friday and Saturday night and loved it.

Sorry the quality isn't great, I didn't want to wake them. :) Here is Ellie snuggled in with Brooks Saturday night. She LOVES Emma and Brooks!

Brooks has been asking for a big boy bike for some time now. He's been riding Emma's old one for a while. We told him if he'd let us get rid of 3 of his riding toys we'd get it. He had 2 bikes of his own and then Emma's from when she was his age so it was time for them all to go. Saturday morning when him and Emma went to buy groceries with me he picked out his lime green bicycle then. It wouldn't fit in my car so when we got home later that day he got Ben to take him to get it. You can't tell in this picture but it's bright lime green. He was in HEAVEN.

After a little bit of riding, we got back in the pool to swim some more since it was so hot. I think they'd swim every day all day if they could!
We had a fun filled, relaxing weekend which is exactly how it is supposed to be!! I'm looking forward to a long weekend full of family and friends!


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