Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SERVE Day 2013

Every year in July our church gets together to do a SERVE day throughout our community. You can do it with your small group, with a group of friends, join in someone else's group or do it on your own. This year we decided to do something for SERVE day that included the kids. The prior 2 years it's just been me doing SERVE day and this year I thought Emma was old enough to truly get it. She was looking forward to it for weeks to come. We decided that we'd make our firemen and policemen feel loved and special and thank them for all they do. Here are some pictures from our day.

Olivia, Emma, Brooks and Mylee getting the bags of cookies ready!

She was such a big helper!

She started working on pictures before that day and Olivia joined
in when she got there. (I can't help but laugh at Ellie who is in
the middle of it all).

Me, Emma, Brooks, Amber, Jacob, Colyn,
Mycalee, Mylee and Olivia

 Emma and Olivia's thank you pictures!

 Colyn, Emma, Jacob and Mylee with Olivia behind

Me and my sweet baby girl! She made me so proud! 

We had a great day and Emma had the best time as did all the kiddos. Emma was such a good helper and made me so proud. I enjoyed getting to make those special memories with her.


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