Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weekend Fun

Here are pictures from the rest of our 4th of July weekend!

Saturday morning we got up and made blueberry muffins. Here is Emma helping.

After that we got ready and headed to Jackson's 2nd birthday and I didn't get any pictures from it!When we got home, even though the weather was still rainy, wet and dreary Amy, Mark, Braegan, Amber, Jarred, Jacob and Colyn came over to grill out. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the rest of the day except this one I snapped of Emma swimming in the rain. The water was freezing but they didn't care.
Sunday we got up and headed to church. When we left church we headed to the Bass Pro Shop to get some stuff and see the fish! Here are some pictures from there.

When we got home from the Bass Pro Shop, I decided it was FINALLY time to take Brooks to get his haircut. I've been trimming the front, back and around his ears for a VERY long time now. The last haircut we got they messed it way up so I wanted all of it to grow out and fix itself before we went anywhere else. We tried somewhere new and it was a huge success. Here is a picture after we got home.
He was hesitant to go but he said it was so much better! It was too cute! After we were home for a little bit we finally saw SUNSHINE!! We were so excited but knew the pool was too cold after they were in it Saturday that I decided we'd go to the park and soak up some rays!

It was a fun long weekend that started Thursday the 4th and we made the most of it even if the weather didn't want to cooperate.


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