Friday, July 5, 2013

Goodbye to our house...

Back in September we decided to put our house on the market just to see what would happen. At the time I wasn't sure I wanted to sell it at all. The very next day of listing it, they showed the house. I was in full on panic mode because I was so unsure. I did know I wanted to be in a more flat neighborhood with a lot more kids thought. But almost 9 months later when it did finally sell I had decided I was ready for new beginnings. I'd love to follow this post up with one showing our new house but we're in the in between stages! :) When we first listed our house there was nothing on the market I even cared for or thought was any better then our house. I never really looked (except for at new neighborhoods) during those 9 months because I didn't want to find something I couldn't live without and then not be able to get it. So now that we're moved out and settling in with my mother in law we're really starting to look and devote more time to it. However, there still isn't anything I have to have right now. I think at this point (unless something changes or comes on the market) we've decided we'll hold out and build. Now we just have to decide where and when we want to build! I think we're both still exhausted from the move and the house being shown every single weekend that we just want to relax and enjoy summer. So I'm hoping come fall/winter we'll figure out our next move! Until then I wanted to make sure I got Emma and Brooks' first house on here so they'd always have pictures. We bought our house new but did A LOT of work/add ons to it. There was a lot of TLC put into it and it was bittersweet to leave. But we know the next one will be just as great if not better and that makes us all excited. I took all of these pictures off the internet when it was listed so there are some pictures we'd already taken down and things we'd moved out.


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Kristen Pesnell said...

Good luck finding your perfect next house! I think ya'll are smart to just enjoy staying with Nancy for now! We're in the same boat as you...trying to decide whether to build or just buy, but we know we want some land instead of the itty bitty neighborhood lot we had before;)