Thursday, May 9, 2013

Emma's School Program

Tuesday night we had Emma's end of the year school program. Her school is so big they do half of the grade one night and the other half another night. They sang several songs and then we went to her class for open house. It's truly amazing to me how much she's learned this year alone. Then seeing even more that they are learning in their class is just unreal. Kindergarten for sure isn't what it was when I was in school. It is far more advanced! Here are some pictures from her program.

Here she right before we left! They wanted all the kids to wear bright colored shirts.

Emma showing Brooks the way and making sure we're keeping up with them.

All the kids, you can't see Emma because she's on the right in the back.

 Sweet Emma Bean!

Fallon and Emma...sweet friends.

Emma with her Chickadee tree/picture behind her she had to do!

Mrs. Shorter and Emma...she absolutely adores Mrs. Shorter and the feelings are the same for Mrs. Shorter! She has told us repeatedly how much she loves Emma, how mature she is and what leader she is for their class. She has definitely made us proud this year!

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