Saturday, May 11, 2013

Emma's 1st Fun Run

2 weeks ago was Emma's first fun run. They were raising money to put the soft padding down on their playground. She was so excited about it all. They wanted them to run between 25-35 laps if they could. Emma ran 40 laps!! We were so PROUD of her! Me and Brooks went to cheer her on and he had a blast!! Here are some pictures from the day.

We got to ride the bus from the parking lot to the school and Brooks loved it!

Playing on one of the playgrounds waiting on Emma to come out!

He was having too much fun!
Emma coming out to the Fun Run
She was so excited to see us!

Me and my sweet Emma Bean before it started

She's ready to go!

And she's off

40 laps done total!!! So proud of her!

Fallon and Emma after the run!

Emma's class picture
Later that night we went to watch Bailey Ann play softball. Emma and Brooks had actually not been to the ball park before and they LOVED it. They were filty from head to toe and had a blast and ask everyday when we are going back! Brooks wasn't in the mood to stop for pictures but I did get this picture of Emma and Bailey. They adore each other!



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