Monday, August 6, 2012

Off to the beach we go...Day 1

Right after we wrapped up Emma's birthday party we were heading to the beach for the week. The weather was a bit nasty down there so instead of leaving Sunday and coming back Thursday we changed it and left Monday and came back Friday. We had so much fun this year and made a lot of fun memories. We decided to try out the Marriott Grand in Point Clear. It is on the bay but they have a beach area and they have an amazing pool with splash park and water slide. Here are some pictures from our first day.

 The view from our room

 This is just part of the awesome pool they have. It's so too big to get the whole thing!

 Emma Bean enjoying her cookie ice cream bar for her birthday!

Looking for sea shells!

We had so much fun our first day, I just didn't take a lot of pictures that day. I have plenty more from the rest of our trip though.


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Kristen Pesnell said...

That pool does look awesome! Can't wait to see more pictures from your trip!