Sunday, August 5, 2012

Emma's Spend the Night Party

I had so many pictures to share from her party I thought I'd break it up into 2 posts. We had so much fun with the little girls that stayed the night. We didn't go to bed till about midnight and were up by 6. I sure do wish I had their energy! Needless to say this momma was worn out by the end of the next day!

 Play time before bed

 Emma, Harper & Roxana

 The decorations above where they were sleeping

 Brooks wanted to stay with the girls so we let him stay till he fell asleep

All the girls getting 1 last sip of water before bed, although 
I'm pretty sure we had about 2 or 3 more sips of water 

Finally getting ready to go to sleep 

Ready for Breakfast
Julia, Harper, Mallory, Kate, Claire, Roxana, Emma & Maddie

Milk Jugs 

 Doughnut time
Kate enjoying her doughnut!

 After breakfast we went back outside to play

 Brooks was in heaven sliding in Claire's lap

This picture is precious!! Brooks and Claire talking. At one point Claire's hair blew in her face and Brooks moved it out of the way. I think he liked Claire!

Claire, Julia and Emma having another doughnut

8 little girls are a whole lot of fun!! They sure did make me laugh!! I'm so thankful they got to spend the night with us to make Emma's 5th birthday something she will never forget!


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Kristen Pesnell said...

Julia had the best time! She still brings up Emma's spend the night party!