Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gotta love playing train...Choo Choo!

I know this is a not so good picture, but it was taken with my phone in our garage. I went home week before last and Emma, Brooks, my mom and Ben's mom were all in the garage playing. This is a regular thing in the afternoon but this day just happened to be too cute and funny. The picture is my mom pulling the wagon and then they tied up Brooks' tricycle and Emma's riding on it. I've posted before about Emma's LOVE of her stuffed animals and this picture (although blurry) just shows once again how special they are to her. She's got 5 in the wagon and 1 behind her on the tricycle. Meet Raggedy Ann, the beloved Papa Bear, Lucy, Mary Kate, Mary Ellen and Papa Bear 2 (behind her). She's a mess and I could just eat her up!! Her imagination is so great...makes you want to be a kid all over again!


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