Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun @ the McWane Center

Last Friday we had a fun playdate with Kristen, Julia and Griffin. We met them through our Mommy & Me dance class that me and Emma do every week. Kristen asked if we'd like to go to the McWane Center and of course that sounded like a lot of fun. Emma's only been once before, which was almost a year ago, but she remembered (with great detail) it when I mentioned it Friday morning. She AMAZES me with her memory! I wasn't exactly sure how it would go with it just being me, Emma and Brooks with no extra hands to help but they had a BLAST! And I should add, I did too! They were so good and so happy the entire time. I think Emma and Brooks, including Julia and Griffin, would have stayed till they kicked us out if they could have! Here are some pictures from the day!

Griffin, Julia and Emma



The girls together

Emma & Brooks (Brooks loved this car)

All the kids had fun playing with this "grocery" area and it entertained them for quite a while.

Brooks doing his part playing grocery!

Squishy hands as Emma calls it (this is actually what she remembered with so much detail earlier that morning)

All together now!

They had lots of fun hunting for dinosaur bones.

They were pretty fascinated with the shark and stingray tank (especially Brooks). Here is Julia, Emma, Kristen and Griffin.

This is a picture Kristen snapped of Brooks having too much fun with it! Don't worry there was no shark or stingray near us!

Getting ready to leave!

We had so much fun!!


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Kristen Pesnell said...

This was definitely a fun day for us!!! Julia still talks about it:)