Wednesday, December 22, 2010

School Christmas Party Round 1...

Emma is signed up for Mother's Day Out Monday-Friday. Although, I'm off on Friday's so she doesn't always go on Friday's. I try and sign up for each party to take something and help. This time, with her going every day, I signed up for the Halloween party on Thursday (and she didn't go on Friday) and signed up for the Friday Christmas party so she got to have 2 Christmas parties at school! One on Thursday and then the one on Friday I volunteered for...not thinking it was for Friday! It's ok though we had a lot of fun at BOTH parties. Here are pictures from the Thursday party.

Roxana, one of Emma's favorite people.

Emma and friends and we think long lost sisters!

Harper, Emma and Roxana (her 2 best buddies)!

Silly girls...they love to play ring around the rosie!

As you can see they had a lot of fun!


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