Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve Recap...

We had a very Merry Christmas and hopefully everyone else did as well. We were very busy this year and went all over town. Christmas Eve we started out by going to Nancy's (Ben's mom) house which we do every year and then went to his dad's house as well. Here are some pictures from Nancy's house where they each get to open 1 present.

Ben & Brooks

Emma helping Brooks open his toy from Nanny. Emma already knew what it was and couldn't wait for him to open it!

Trying out the new firetruck

Emma's turn to open a present

Here she is walking her puppy...she wanted this so bad when we saw it in Target a while back!

Back to the firetruck!

Our attempt at a family picture!

From there we went to Greg's (Ben's dad) house. Here are few pictures from there where the kids got more goodies. Greg & Trish decided they wanted to do Christmas pj's this year and thankfully I had brought the kids (Ben forgot to tell me this so that's why we aren't in our jammies)!

Here is Conner giving Emma one of her presents.

Brooks with 1 of his presents but he was more interested in the booster seat they had!

Both kiddos unwrapping presents.

From there I didn't get any more pictures at their house. With 5 kids under the age of 5 it got pretty chaotic with new toys! When we got home later that night though I wanted to get a picture of Emma and Brooks before bed. They had both fallen asleep in the car though and weren't very happy we had to do more pictures! :)

Emma and Bella

Brooks with the cookies for Santa, he really wanted them for himself!

Emma Bean...I wanted one of the 2 of them together with the cookies but it wasn't happening. We'd had a long busy day though!

And then they were off to bed so Santa could come visit our house!


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Lyr said...

Too cute! I love that last picture. PRICELESS!!!