Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Beach Trip...Part 2

Here are some more pictures of Emma playing at the beach. She's checking out the water and thinking about if she wants to get in. It was so CLEAR that day.

Emma and Nana checking it out.

She decided it looked like fun so why not.

This was later in the afternoon and even though we had been putting 50 spf on her she was getting a little too much sun so she was playing with Nana's cover up.

Me and my sweet Emma Bean

We went and rode go carts one night. That was fun too!

After we did that she wanted to swing.

The last night we were there we took pictures of Emma and Brooks in their white outfits. Emma wasn't sure she wanted her picture taken so I took pictures of Brooks and my mom took pictures of Emma so I've got to get the pictures of Emma from her. I'm going to make some of these black and white however I haven't done that yet!

And he's off.

Another good one of Brooks

My attempt at getting them both together. By the time I stood back up to take the picture Brooks was off again!

I'll be back again with the rest of the pictures.


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