Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Beach Trip...Part 1

We went to the beach a couple of weeks ago and I can't believe I haven't posted about it yet. We were going the first of July for the Jimmy Buffett concert but it was canceled and re-scheduled and we were fortunate enough to get out of the condo we were originally staying in and finding another one at a very reasonable price. The concert was a lot of fun and I'm glad we went to support the gulf coast! The beach was beautiful and we saw no oil at all. The last morning we were there we went back out to the beach one last time with Emma and Brooks and we saw some tar balls that had washed up but it was nothing major. I think the media blew it way out of proportion and unforunately the people down there suffered. I know it was bad in some areas but it's nothing like what they've made it look like and hopefully it won't be that way ever. Only time will tell. Now on to some pictures from our trip.

This was our attempt to get a picture of the 4 of us in the pool. Emma was not wanting her picture made and Brooks is just looking around.

It didn't take long to wear Brooks out. He normally only naps for a short time in the morning so we figured since it was breezy we'd leave him out there. We put him in his float on a chair and he slept good there till a fly came and tickled his foot.

Here is a picture of Emma and Ben. They went swimming one night together and Emma had a blast.

My mom was kind enough to go with us so she could watch the kids while we went to the concert. Here is a picture of Brooks with her after we put sunblock all over. His hair has grown so much!!

Here is Nana playing in the pool with Emma and Brooks.

Emma Bean looking out at the ocean. I love this picture.

Miss Sassy with her hand on her hip. As you can see behind her, the beach was really dead. It looked like it was February down there instead of middle of July. It was sad.

Playing in the sand.

We went down to the Wharf one night to eat dinner and me and Emma rode the ferris wheel. It was fun, but I don't like stopping at the top to let people off. Emma didn't mind at all though! She's definitely going to be our daredevil!

I'll be back with more pictures from the beach.


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