Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One last post on Emma's birthday...

I meant to post this before now but we gave her, her big birthday present Thursday night. Friday was her actual birthday but my mom and his went in with us to get it and so we did it when everyone could be here. She LOVES it...and it makes me wish I could fit in it!

Her face is priceless!!

You know she had to take Mary Kate with her. The girl has an animal with her at all times.

Look out here I come!! Thank goodness we have 13 more years before she'll be driving on the real roads. :)

I would have to say she had a great birthday. It started the Friday before and went through the week to this past weekend! It can't get much better then that. We did exactly what she wanted all day which was to play with her car, go get lunch and have a picnic and then that night we went to play. Isn't it fun in the life of a 3 year old??

Hope your all having a great week!



rachelC said...

How stinking cute!!! It fits her perfect!!! =)

Amber said...

Too cute! I showed Jacob the picture that you texted me and he said that's a girl car I don't want to drive that. LOL! Kids.