Thursday, June 10, 2010

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party

We had Emma's 3rd birthday party last weekend. We decided not to do it at home and the place we were having it at was booked for this weekend. Her birthday is tomorrow. This was the best birthday we've had. She was really into it this year(except when we sang her happy birthday) and had a blast. Here are some pictures from the party.

The Birthday girl waiting for to go in for her party!

Emma's Minnie Mouse Cake

Emma and Harper jumping

Roxana, Emma and Mylee having too much fun

Harper, Emma and Roxana

Brooks enjoying all the toys sporting his Mickey gear Emma picked out in Disney World

Henley and Brooks checking each other out

I just love this picture!

My sweet cute Emma Bean!

Blowing out the candles...she was so excited about this but then got so bashful!

All the kids enjoying cake and ice cream

My 2 precious babies, I don't know what life would be like without them. I love them so much!

Our attempt at getting most all the kids together for a picture, this one makes me laugh.

All in all it was a great a party! We have wonderful friends and family that helped make Emma's birthday extra special! We love you all so much!!



Tiffany said...

Looks like a great party! And some cute pics! I like the pics of Henley and Brooks too - they are precious! Still can't believe Emma (and Harper) are already 3!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!

That last picture cracks me up, of course my kid is the one screaming and pitching a fit, ha! We had a great time though.

H2's Mommy said...

We had a blast and Harper especially had a great time. It's so neat seeing them getting older and now actually playing with each other and having so much fun together! Our babies are precious together too! All four of them are pretty cute too! Happy 3rd Birthday to Emma! We love you!

Melissa said...

Glad we got to come! Riley loved it!

rachelC said...

love the minnie mouse and mickey mouse! looks like she had a blast!!!