Saturday, February 27, 2010

It was a birthday party weekend...

It has been such a busy week I never got to post again (I started this post Friday and just finished it today...Sunday). Last weekend we had 3 birthday parties to go too! 2 kid ones and 1 adult one. It was a fun weekend but by the end I was worn out. Saturday afternoon we were invited to a little girl's party that is in Emma's class. Emma was SO EXCITED. Saturday night we went to Mark's 40th birthday party. It's the only one I have pictures from. It was a lot of fun.

Here is Amy, Amber, Me, Lindy & Leah.

Leah, Me & Amber

Me & Sara...she's my training buddy. I had taken a picture of me, her and Amy but it didn't turn out. We've been working out together with a trainer for 6 weeks now.

Here is the birthday boy himself.

This weekend was not nearly as busy as last. Friday, I had lunch with Amy, Andrea and Tara. Andrea is due with her first baby boy in April. Friday night me and Amy went to the BAMOM sale and got some cute stuff. Saturday was pretty uneventful, and Sunday was Andrea's baby tea. Hope you all had a great weekend!