Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A day at the park...

Two weeks ago on Wednesday we took advantage of a very pretty Spring like day and headed to the park with some of our best friends Shannon, Harper and Henley. We had a GREAT time and it made me long for the cold weather to be gone for good and warm weather to be here. Emma and Harper did so good and played really hard and both past out for a nap once we were all home. Here are some pictures from our day.

Miss Henley just hanging out...

Emma loves to slide!

Shannon and Harper coming down the slide. I know it looks like Shannon was turning her head but I don't think she knew I was taking the picture.

Emma and Harper on the merry go round.

These girls are so silly!

Brooks just hanging out wishing he could play with big sister Emma.

I'm a little behind in my posts but we did have such a good time that day I hated to leave it off and I had started it 2 weeks ago and needed to finish it. I sure do wish I was back off work at the park again. But tomorrow is my Friday so I can't complain too much!



H2's Mommy said...

We did have a lot of fun at the park and the weather was perfect! I'm glad that the girls enjoyed it and the babies were so good too! Those slides were so high and a little scary.

Tiffany said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! I'm ready for warm weather too!

Lyr said...

What a wonderful day! I want it to be like that here!!

Thank you so much for your amazing comment on my last post. It was a blessing to hear from so many woman and be encouraged by one another. Praying for you and lifting all our "issues" to Him! :)