Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Emma's Playset

Ok so I promised pictures before now but if you know me, you know I'm not good with pictures. The bright side is I remembered to get Ben to put them on my chip and I have them today. I'll start with the picture of all the pieces of wood. It was very overwhelming but after we got going it went pretty smoothly as we seperated the pieces. This is just 1 stack! We had 2 more like this.

Here are the other 2 still in the boxes. You can tell Emma is wondering what is going on at this point. It was very cool that day so she's in warm fuzzy play clothes. But it was a great day to be working since it wasn't so hot.

Here is the finished product!! Emma absolutely loves it. It was by far the best money we've spent in a very long time.

Here are some pictures of Miss Emma Bean enjoying her playset! This picture is a little blury but it's great of her face and the fun she's having as she's sliding.

A big thanks to Nana, Poppy and Nanny for all their help making this all come together!

Hope you have a great day!



Harper's Mommy said...

I love the swing set...looks like so much fun and Emma looks like she's loving it!

Amber said...

Oh I love it! I will totally be buying one for Jacob next year.