Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Family Beach Vacation

We got up bright and early with hopes we'd make it down there early. Little did we know traffic was going to be a nightmare getting out and on the road. We made the most of our almost 7 hour trip there and no it shouldn't have ever taken that long!

L.O.V.E. this picture!
(wish I knew what she was thinking about)

Cutie pies

Playing in the sand

 Even after having a swimming pool in their backyard this summer, they still love to swim!

Emma helped Brooks with his! They did such a good job.

Someone else already started this hole but he had so much fun digging deeper!

Working on her first turtle, she made a couple!

Emma got this picture for us! Too bad my camera on my phone
wasn't better because she did a great job!

 It rained one morning so we got out to ride around. When it finally quit we went down the big long pier at the state park! It was so peaceful out there.
LOVE this picture!

pretty girl!

 He loves his Ipod!
We had such a great trip just the 4 of us!! We played, we dug in the sand, we swam, we shopped, we had a blast!! Can't wait for next year.

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