Saturday, November 6, 2010

Zoo Trip

A few weeks ago me and Ben went with some friends to the beach for the weekend (that post is coming) and while we were gone Emma and Brooks stayed with Nana (my mom) & Poppy. They had a fun filled weekend and did all sorts of stuff. The Saturday we were gone, they took them to the zoo and here are some pictures they took for us.

Ready to go!

At the zoo and in the wagon!

Emma with Aubie

Watching the monkeys...

He thinks they are pretty funny!! So does his mommy though!

Emma, Brooks & Poppy

Emma, Brooks & Nana

They had a GREAT time and Emma talked about it for days and told everyone that would listen that her Nana & Poppy took her to the zoo. And I should add she told told everyone that would listen as well that she got to spend 2 nights with them. It was too cute!


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Katie said...

Hi Morgan! I love your blog design and your children are precious. Were they at the Birmingham Zoo? I thought they might be with the Auburn tiger. :D We have thought about taking the kids since we are only an hour away. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!