Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fun at the track!!!

It was absolutely beautiful today. Nothing like at the beginning of the week with 6 degree temps. One of our goals this year as a family is to be more active. So we took advantage of the 60 plus degree weather and hit the track. Ben, Emma and Brooks did a mile while I ran. I was so proud of them all. When we got finished Emma wanted to try stadiums. We did 5 of those! We are hoping to do this at least twice a week this year. They always see me go to the gym but never get to go so hopefully this will help instill long term healthy habits for them both! Here are some pictures I took!

She did so good and never complained once! She ran and walked her mile!

Emma and Brooks running. Brooks did so good also and kept up with me for an entire lap while I was running. At the end of his mile he said my legs are tired! It was too cute! 

At the top looking down from the stadium. 

After we got through we stretched and headed to the park! Such a great, fun family day of church and spending time outside.


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