Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beach Trip 2011...Part 1

Ahh, this time 2 weeks ago I was sitting on the beach with my babies and not 30 years old. A lot has happened in 2 short weeks! We decided to try somewhere new this year. I say new because we haven't been to Panama City since our senior trips after graduating high school. Everyone had told us it had changed...I was leary, I'm not going to lie and Ben was just down right not believing them, lol! But we found a great deal on a great condo on the beach and decided to try it out. We had the best time I think we've ever had on a vacation. I'm not sure how to explain it but it was so low key, so relaxing and just so much fun with the kids. They are at GREAT ages right now for the beach and we just really enjoyed having that time with them. My mom came down to stay with us part of the week and then we were on our own the rest of the week. Here are some pictures from our week! Oh and for the record, while it was probably our best vacation, it had nothing to do with PCB. It had changed quite a bit and is a LOT nicer then it was back in the day but I think Orange Beach and Gulf Shores is the place for us! These are in no particular order either as I have pictures on 2 different memory cards somehow!

Waiting on the elevator to go hunt seashells early one morning...he wore his sunglasses everywhere!

Pretty girl...

Looking for seashells!

Brooks checking out the water

Emma loved the beach but wasn't impressed with the water this year. She did get in the ocean but it didn't last long!

Silly girl...

We went down every morning and looked for seashells before we got ready for the day. Here is another picture of my 2 cuties!

Playing on the beach

Love this picture...I would love know what she's thinking and what she thinks when she looks out and sees water forever and ever.

He's gotten so big, yes he has, but he looks oh so little when you step back!

Sweet, precious this one!


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