Sunday, July 10, 2011

Swim Lessons

A couple of weeks ago we started swim lessons. Emma has done so good and I have been so proud of her. At first she was a little apprehensive about it all including going under water but each lesson she's done better and now will go under all by herself. They are teaching them the basic concepts of swimming...kicking, going under, blowing bubbles, floating on their back, arm movements of swimming, jumping off the side and getting something under water and bringing it back up. We love her teachers and of course she loves them. Erin has to be her favorite teacher by far and she talks about her all the time! It's so cute! Here are some pictures Amber took for me. I have more I just keep forgetting my card which is why I'm so behind on blogging!



Kristen Pesnell said...

I'm so glad she's enjoying herself! Maybe she'll be able to teach Julia a thing or two about swimming:)

Lyryn said...

Yay! Good for her! So glad things are working out! :)