Monday, May 9, 2011

Brooks is 18 months old!

I can't believe my sweet baby boy is already 18 months old. The last year and a half has flown by far faster then I care for it too. Everyday he amazes me. The bond him and Emma have (when they aren't driving each other crazy) is the sweetest thing! I still can't believe I'm lucky enough to be their mom!

-You wear 18 to 24 month clothes (although if it's not a 1 piece you can fit in 12 months)
-You are in size 4 diapers
-You weigh about 21-22 lbs (I'll post your stats after our checkup this week)
-You can point to your nose, ears, eyes and mouth when we ask you to show us what they are and now you point to our nose, ears, eyes and mouth and tell us what they are when you point to them
-You are a monkey, just the other night I was sitting on the couch with Emma and looked over and you climbed up and was sitting on top of the kitchen table. I came running over of course and you just giggled. I wish I had the camera to take a picture. You were so PROUD OF YOURSELF.
-Your vocabulary grows so much everyday. Here is what you were saying at 15 months...mama, dada, Emma, Nana, bye, yea, dog, stinky, night night, hi, hot, down stairs, bum bum, yum, cheese (when we take your picture), pa pa (for paci), I don't know and thank you. You've added gah gah (which is what you've nicknamed Zoe and she knows this is her nickname which is even funnier to me), mag mag for Maggie (Nana's dog), Barn Barn (for Barney which is your favorite show right now) no, mommy, green, blue, red, sissy, ding dong (you love to push anyone's nose and say ding dong) tee tee, spoon, minnie (Zoe's favorite toy), mickey, baby, gone gone, hey and so many more. I was gonna try and list them all but honestly you can say so much now. I think what amazes me the most is your level of communication. For instance, Tuesday night Ben took Emma to dance and I asked you where Emma was and you said sissy bye bye da da. I said did sissy go bye bye with daddy and you said yea. Friday night Emma got in trouble and Ben went to get a tissue and you said da da, I said he went to get a tissue, you said sissy cry. You do this alot and are getting really good at telling us what you want and want us to know.
-You pointed to the blue crayon this weekend and said blue all by yourself. I was jumping up and down and you thought I was crazy!
-You love your tiger (a little cuddly blanket), you take him EVERYWHERE.
-You love to slide all by yourself and you can now go up the ladder by yourself.
-You love to feed Zoe anything you have
-You are ALL BOY, there is such a difference in you and your sister. You are into everything and you climb all over everything
-You now lay in Emma's bed every night and we all read 2 books together before bed. It's so sweet and then we all go and put you in your room and 1 by 1 we get kisses from you. I think you could do without kisses from me and Ben but you cry if Emma or Zoe doesn't kiss you.
-You LOVE push toys right now. I think we could take all the toys away except the kitchen, your push toys and the swing set outside and you'd be just fine
-You do not like sprite or cotton candy (these are things we let you try recently because we had them) and your face when you tried them both was priceless.

I could really go on and on about you. You are at such a fun age and you change and grow everyday. You and your sister continue to amaze me and I'm so blessed to be yours and Emma's mommy!

We love you so much!
Mommy, Daddy, Emma & Gah Gah


Lyryn said...

SO BIG! Awe! getting so stink big always so cute!

Kristen Pesnell said...

What a sweet post!